A Look at Three of Hawaiian Shirt Giant Kahala's Top Sellers

There is almost nothing that speaks of leisure and good times more clearly than a great Hawaiian shirt. While there are dozens of manufacturers producing such menswear today, one name stands clearly above the others. Since being founded more than seventy years ago, Kahala has become the best-known producer of high-end Hawaiian shirts worldwide. Buying and wearing Kahala shirts is one of the best ways to make life a little brighter and more fun.

Bold, Beautiful Men's Shirts That Speak of Good Times in the Sun

While the company is constantly tweaking its selection of offerings and dreaming up new designs, a few men's kahala shirts rank as consistent, longtime favorites. Some of the most popular kahala shirts of all time include:

Fish Net. Drawing on ancient Japanese fishing techniques for its design inspiration, this shirt has been one of Kahala's top sellers ever since its introduction. The many different tropical fish depicted in the design lend a sense of liveliness to the shirt that meshes well with its distinctively Hawaiian color palette. With the lines of the eponymous fishing net forming a subtle, design-supporting background, this shirt creates a well-rounded visual effect that most find instantly appealing.

Raiatea. Hawaii's distinctive culture is the product of different influences. Of these, various Polynesian nations have made especially notable contributions. The island of Raiatea has a spectacularly appealing culture of its own that has been memorialized in this highly popular kahala Hawaiian shirt. Careful dying with pigments results in a homey, comfortable look, while a stone-washed enzyme treatment keeps the fabric soft through many days of wear.

Shaping Room. Sometimes, something a little less busy strikes just the right note. The clean lines and uncluttered spaces of Kahal's Shaping Room shirt have helped make it one of the company's most consistent best sellers. Surfboard shaping specialists can accumulate decades of experience using hand tools to impart precisely the right dimensions to the objects of their attention. With surfing being such a cultural keystone for many Hawaiians and others who love the islands, this shirt's popularity is not difficult to understand.

Many More Designs and Options Await

With these being only a few of the company's top sellers, Kahala has a great deal more to offer to all those who appreciate a great-looking Hawaiian shirt. As a type of menswear that so often stands out in precisely the right way, at least one Hawaiian shirt belongs in just about every closet.